My Hair is Back and I’m Really Joyful

I’ve tried many products that I’ve seen on television before, from the simplest kitchen items, to the most advanced teeth whitening products, and rarely have any of them actually worked. I’ve been on the bad end of so many products that whenever I see a new one, I change the channel. When I learned about a product that would help fight hair loss, I was as skeptical about it, thinking it would be as bad as all the other products. Once I actually saw Keranique reviews, I began to wonder if there was actually something to the product.

There were many positive reviews about the product, and each one began to fill me with more hope that it would actually work. The reason why I was so interested in seeing how the product stacked up is because I was going through my own hair trouble. My hair was thinning in various places, and I couldn’t stand to go anywhere without a hat or a wig. The hair was so bad that I couldn’t even get a good comb over. There were expensive procedures that I could try to restore my hair, but I couldn’t afford any of those, even with insurance.

I decided to take the plunge and bought some of the product to try on my own scalp. At this point, there weren’t really many options that I could afford, so this was pretty much my only hope for a chance at having a life that didn’t rely on wigs and hats. Much to my surprise, the product actually worked. My hair started to come back and I cried tears of joy. It was like an old friend returning after being gone for so many years. I could walk outside and have my own natural hair showing for everyone to see.