In the Crowd with a Legend

My ex-girlfriend and I are big fans of MMA, and we were going to see a live MMA event in Las Vegas together, but we broke up shortly before it. I still wanted to go, but I didn’t have anyone to go with because most of my friends were busy, and the ones who weren’t didn’t care about MMA. I was going to sell the tickets, but then I thought about getting an escort to join me at the event. Having a brunette escort sit beside me turned out to be a more enjoyable experience than going with my ex-girlfriend.

When I’m watching an MMA match, I really get into it. All of the punches and kicks are a treat to watch, and I’ll shout at the top of my lungs when something happens. I was doing that while the escort was sitting next to me and she didn’t mind, because she started doing it too. She was also a big MMA fan and had gone to many of the events before. Continue reading In the Crowd with a Legend