I Like to Let People Know What I Stand for

Things seem to be changing quickly in this country, and a lot people are fighting hard for whichever political side they are on. However, I choose not to be on any one side because there are things on both sides of the fence that are important to me. One thing I find important is my right to keep my home and family safe. I choose to let people know that by wearing second amendment shirts that I can buy online. I love that wearing shirts with my beliefs on them help to open up a dialogue when I am out in public and people read what my shirts have written on them.

My father always told me that you cannot sit back and hope that our government will handle everything for you. Protests used to be the main way to get your voice heard over the years, but I’m not much on showing up with other people and protesting. Sometimes that works and sometimes it does not. Continue reading I Like to Let People Know What I Stand for