Cleaned Up a Real Cesspit

The company I hired for move in cleaning for Singapore really pulled my bacon from the fire, let me tell you. It all started when I got an amazing deal on an apartment in the area of the city I’ve been trying to move into for years. The problem is that the price range for most of these apartments is pretty steep, and even then lots of people want to move into the area so there’s practically a waiting list to get into any of the buildings in the area. I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I finally got in.

The landlord offered a rent I couldn’t believe, but I didn’t pay attention to why the rent was so low. Even more stupidly, I went into the deal sight unseen. He mentioned something about how he was cutting the rent because I’d need to find someone to clean the place up since the last renters left a real mess behind. No problem, I thought, I’ll get some supplies and hit it up a few days before moving in and surely that would be enough to make the place good enough to live in. Boy was I wrong.

When I say they left a mess, they really left a mess. They probably should’ve been charged with a crime! What a mess! There was no way I could clean this place up in time to move in. That’s why I found a company that specializes in doing move in cleaning. I just hoped they would take the job. I needn’t have worried, however, as they came out to look at it and said they definitely could get it into shape. And they did! It took them longer than they thought, and I had to pay a bit more, but by the time they left it really looked like an entirely different place. They did such a marvelous job!