How Jogging Landed Me at the Doctor’s Office

I knew that I needed to get into better shape, so I decided to take up jogging. I had never jogged before, but I figured it was an easy enough sport to figure out. How wrong I was! I had no idea that this is an activity that one can really get injured in without the proper warmup first. When I tell people that I had to start seeing a Santa Barbara chiropractor because of my new interest in jogging, those who know me very well are not too surprised that I jumped into this without educating myself first.

I just walked out my front door that first day and started jogging down to the store. I did not do any stretches, and I did not warm up. My muscles were not ready for this kind of assault on them since I was normally a couch potato at that point in my life. My muscles were screaming within a couple of blocks, but I thought that was just fitting the motto of no pain, no gain. It was actually more than that though. I ended up falling over because my muscles were just protesting too much, and I twisted my back when I tried to catch myself.

I waited two days before seeing a chiropractor. I thought that the pain would subside. It was difficult to sleep though, and I knew that I needed to seek medical attention. It just made sense to go and see a chiropractor since my back was the main part of my body that was hurting. The chiropractor was able to really help me just on that first visit, but he did a lot more than just getting my back into its proper alignment. He also educated me on why it is important for my muscles for me to warm up before exercise. I am now preparing to run in my first marathon, thanks to his help!