It Took Too Long for Me to Realize That I Wasn’t Marketing My Business Properly

I have been wrong about many things in life, yet it takes me awhile before I make changes based on what I learn. One of these lessons was pushing ahead to try to run my business without some outside help. I read an Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review that caused a lightbulb moment for me when I realized that I was handling my email marketing in a pretty unprofessional way. I purchased the product so that I could learn more about handling the things the right way. There’s no telling how much money I lost by not learning how to reach out to potential customers better, but I do know that my business had been floundering for some time.

I decided to sell products online after seeing how much acquaintance of mine was making by doing it. He had gone from being broke and scraping together money to keep food on the table for him and his family to going on vacation to Europe in a short two year time period. He told me that it is pretty easy to set up an online shop, and I wanted to do the same after listening to how well he was doing. While I wasn’t flat broke at the tme, I did myself having trouble paying my bills, so I figured that I didn’t have anything to lose.

I will say that I started to make more money right away after I opened my online shop. My friend had told me that I really should do some research to learn how to handle all of the different aspects that come with being a business owner. I didn’t listen to that bit of advice because everything seemed so easy. What I didn’t realize is that I assumed that I knew everything and didn’t need to learn more. With anything, there are subtle things you can miss, and that’s what happened to me. Now that I’ve been using Inbox Blueprint 2.0, I’m seeing a big upturn in the number of customers who respond to my marketing emails.