It’s Important for Every Parent to Know What Their Kids Are Up to

My parents didn’t have easy ways to check up on me when I was growing up. Even though technology makes it somewhat easy for kids to hide things these days, there are ways for parents to monitor them easily. It made me nervous when I learned my daughter is on Snapchat, but I use a little program from that several other moms told me about. They said they were also worried about what their kids do on various apps, but they have all found ways to pay attention to what their kids are doing with the help of different hacks.

There was a teen at my daughter’s school who ran off with one of her teachers. She was only 14 years old, and it was learned too late that she was having a relationship with a teacher, which is against the rules of the school. Her parents had no idea until she ran away with him. Her parents were petrified for her safety. At some point, she turned herself into the police because she very much wanted to get home to her family. However, what if the case had been that he had taken her life or something else before she had a chance to do that? Her parents learned too late that she had been talking to him through various apps, and they had no idea.

I want my daughter to have freedom to learn and grow, but I also don’t want her to get hurt. This is why I make sure to keep tabs on what she is up to. She does simple things like cuss or talk about some inappropriate things with her friend on her phone in various apps, but that’s what most people do in life when they are young. I only watch to make sure she is not doing anything that could get her hurt or killed. I want her to be around for years to come, and most mistakes in life won’t hurt her. But there are some things that can affect her life, and those are the things I watch out for.