My Son Took Initiative for His Grades

Everyone wants to think they have the best kid ever. The only problem with that is that no one is perfect. When a parent wants to elevate their child, then they are not seeing the faults that might be right there in front of them. For my son, he is great at a lot of things, but he was struggling with two of his classes at school. He was able to get private tutoring from one teacher and it helped him, but he asked me if we could look at the tuition centre at Bukit Timah for his physics tutoring.

He said that he was just not getting what the teacher was trying to get through to him at school, so he did not see the benefit of private tutoring with that teacher. I agreed, and I looked at the program that he was interested in. I was impressed with what I saw, especially the results part. Nearly every single student has or had praise for the tutor, Mr. Tony Chee, and it was easy to see why. He helped some of those students raise their grade two or three levels.

You cannot argue with results like that, so I contacted the tuition centre to have my son get started there. He was so eager to start, which made my heart smile. I know he is not perfect, but watching him want to be better is what makes life worth living for me. Mr. Chee was able to help him understand some of the lessons that he was having trouble with, and it just took a new approach to make everything click for him. He was getting a good grade prior to Mr. Chee’s tutoring, but now he is getting solid As. I could not be more proud of him for his initiative in this!